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Caymanian singer, Maeve, makes it to British Vogue

Singer-songwriter and Caymanian superstar, Maeve, says that fashion has provided her with another way to communicate. This revelation was made in an exciting #insidethewardrobe feature released in British Vogue today, that has made the Cayman Islands very proud.

"I’ve always wanted to do one of these," said Maeve of the feature, in which she reveals some of the pieces in her wardrobe that mean something to her.

The artist, born Arianna Broderick, says that she is doing things her own way as a 100 per cent self-made do-it-yourself artist. Part of the generation of kids raised online and born into a world of modern loneliness, Maeve says she is asking questions and challenging outdated norms.

"Being born and raised in Cayman has definitely shaped me into the artist that I am now," she adds with a great deal of nostalgia.

Maeve moved to London from the Cayman Islands in 2004 after Hurricane Ivan. Since then she has been returning to her birth home frequently, but due to COVID and work, she has not been able to return since March 2020.

"There is so much talent, creativity and culture that we Caymanians have to offer the world and it makes me really happy that I can help put us on the map," she says.

"As the world gets back to normal I have plans to do some filming back home in Cayman and really showcase the beautiful place that I grew up in. There’s so much more coming and I’m so pumped to keep sharing my art."

Maeve's latest critically acclaimed track, ‘Sick’ dropped at the turn of the year- a track from debut EP 'Caravaggio in a Corner Store’ set for release on June 17. Co-produced by Kai Whiston, the track offers a uniquely distinctive soundscape with the artist's haunting vocals overlaying distorted rolling beats. A declaration of love, it’s a song about pure infatuation, and wanting to have every piece of someone.

Maeve said: "We found something really special in a place where you would least expect it - we’ve made a broken masterpiece in an unstable world. We’re messy, we’re sick, we’re in love and we don’t give a f---.”

On the visual side of the track, Maeve worked with director Joshua Trigg to create a storyboard that expands on the messiness that she declares in the songwriting. “I wanted to expand the song's meaning from a love song to a celebration of not conforming to ideas of what people want me to be. I’m muddy and sick and going my own way and hope that you will join me.”

Inspired by Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain artwork, she wanted to reference the energy through a modern lens.

Whilst on the artwork, the artist laments, “I got inspired by Marina Abramovic’s Rest Energy performance piece. It’s a performance piece all about trust. I wanted to create this idea of trusting yourself. Do I trust myself or not? - it’s unclear as we don’t know how the picture ends so I’ll leave that up to you.”

With a clear vision in mind, Maeve has been garnering support from tastemakers, artists and creators far and wide. Her deft multi-instrumentalism and daring production techniques may leave you posing even more questions.

At once delicate and ferocious, completely unanchored by genre and laced in audio secrets, her powerful, disarming studio craft weaves foley from special places and people in her life between her stark sound designs. This creates a unique musical universe that’s rooted in the one we share, making sure her beats are just as personal to her as her lyrics.

2021 is the year Maeve leaves her mark and the Cayman Islands will be cheering her on.

Maeve's hair was styled by Pål Berdahl, her nails were done by celebrity nail stylist BhamBNails and her fashion stylist was Justin Hamilton.

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