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Caribbean DJs take to the spotlight in Plugged In, the DJ Edition

Some of the Caribbean's most popular DJs will discuss life during the COVID-19 pandemic when Kerra Denel Entertainment presents Plugged In, The DJ Edition.

After hosting 15 virtual conversations with a variety of Caribbean Leaders since the beginning of lock down, Denel is now bringing to you the biggest Plugged In tonight at 7pm which will be broadcasted on her Youtube Channel

For this edition, Denel will touch base with some of the most popular DJs throughout the Caribbean and North America, discussing what they have done to pivot and thrive during the pandemic and how they have adjusted to the new normal. We will learn more about their own personal experiences, as well as discuss the future of the entertainment industry.

The DJs on the panel will be Private Ryan and DJ Ana (Trinidad and Tobago) Giselle D Wassi One (Miami], DJ Stephen (Atlanta and Hollywood), Back to Basics and Spice (New York City), Walshy Fire (Jamaica), DJ Puffy (Barbados), Jester (Toronto) and Barrie Hype (St Lucia).

The goal of this discussion is to engage in rich conversation that can benefit the industry and community at large, so make sure you're Plugged In!

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