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CAC 2000 treats customers, staff to drive-in-cinema

CAC 2000, started 2021 on a celebratory note, hosting staff and customers to a Movie Night on Friday, January 8, 2021, at the Palace Amusement’s New Kingston drive-in cinema.

Observing COVID-19 social distancing protocols, attendees enjoyed “Monster Hunter” from the safety and comfort of their vehicles. Gia Abraham, CEO of CAC 2000, opened the evening saying, that “as a company, we felt it important to do this in order to express our heartfelt appreciation to you our loyal customers and team members.”

She noted that “while 2020 had been an extremely challenging year both locally and globally, we see these challenges as opportunities for us to become a more efficient and better versions of ourselves thanks to

the dedication and perseverance of our team members and the loyalty of our customers."

“As a company we have and will continue to partner with our customers to help restart your businesses, as we fulfil our purpose of Improving People's Lives by being the leading experts on Energy and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)."

“Whilst COVID has presented many a challenge it has - as evidenced by the evening - returned us to simpler days of coming together as family and friends to celebrate life and all that it has to offer,” she said, as she wished all a Happy New Year.

The year is being forecast as a year of recovery or everyone and Abraham assured customers that CAC 2000 is fully committed “to improving people’s lives”.

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