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British Rock Icon Mick Jagger Enjoys Downtime in Jamaica

Renowned British rock icon Mick Jagger, one of the Rolling Stones’ founders and the lead singer, is currently enjoying some downtime in Jamaica.

The rock legend gave his fans a peek into his most recent holiday in Portland on Friday by posting several photos on his social media pages having fun around town in the beautiful parish capital, Port Antonio.

The reason for Jagger’s most recent visit to Jamaica is unclear. However, the caption he left on his social media pages does give us a hint. “A little downtime before things get busy!” the 78-year-old superstar wrote.

Knighted in 2003 by the Prince of Wales, Sir Michael Philip Jagger showed off pictures with his guitar somewhere in the mountains, with the Caribbean Sea in the distance; another with himself listening to a market vendor.

Jagger dropped by Port Antonio’s Roof Nightclub in another photo, one of Portland’s longstanding nightclubs. He also took time to soak up some local artwork in his white button-down that blended effortlessly against a green wall with a symbolic mural.

Jagger’s visit to Jamaica comes just one year shy of the 50th anniversary of The Rolling Stone’s month-long stay in Jamaica in 1973. They recorded their Goat Head Soup album at Byron Lee’s Dynamic Sounds Studios in Kingston.

In 1978, The Rolling Stones’ record label signed reggae icon Peter Tosh and released his album Bush Doctor.

Tosh’s album also featured Mick, who collaborated on the lead single “Don’t Look Back,” which was a cover of the Temptations’ original song. The album also featured classics such as “Pick Myself Up,” “I’m the Toughest, Dem Ha Fe Get a Beatin,” and “Creation.”

In 2016 Mick Jagger endorsed the opening of the Peter Tosh Museum in Kingston, even though he could not attend in person due to conflicting tour dates. He referenced his surprise entrance on SNL during the late 70s as one of the greatest moments working with Tosh.

Peter Tosh was the only Reggae artist signed to Rolling Stones’ label from 1978-1981. He also served as the opening act for their 1978 US tour. The Johnny B Goode singer is also featured in the opening scene of the band’s music video for the song Waiting on A Friend.

The Rolling Stones also covered Jamaica’s 1971 Festival Song winner Cherry Oh Baby by Eric Donaldson for their 1976 album Black and Blue.

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