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Agent Sasco lobbies for rainwater harvesting

While some dancehall and reggae entertainers have zoned in on speaking out against mining in the Cockpit Country, dancehall deejay Agent Sasco has turned his focus on another environmental issue. Sasco is using his platform, to educate others about rainwater harvesting.

Following a corporate partnership to distribute drinking water in his home community of Kintyre, St. Andrew, last week, Agent Sasco shared his passion for rainwater harvesting.

Agent Sasco says he will be partnering with Environmental Solutions Limited (ESL), to install a rainwater harvesting system at the Kintyre community Centre, and also a system at his old primary school, Hope Valley Experimental school.

Over the years, Jamaica has been no stranger to droughts affecting certain parts of the island in various degrees annually, and in recent times, the corporate area.

According to Agent Sasco, it’s time Jamaica takes a proactive, and sustainable approach to one of our most critical resources, water.

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