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Adventist Church In Haiti Praying For Members Kidnapped On Facebook Live

News Americas, PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Mon. April 5, 2021: Seventh-day Adventist Church members in Haiti are continuing to pray for the safe return of four of its members who were kidnapped during a Facebook live service on April 1, 2021.

The service was taking place at a studio owned by the Adventist church in Diquini, Carrefour, on the outskirts of the capital city of Port-au-Prince when gunmen entered and took four members, including the pastor, Adventist Review reported.

The four church members who were abducted are part of the Adventist Gospel Krèyol Ministry. In the video, two choir members can be seen singing a hymn before they suddenly drop their mics and cower by the side of the altar. As piano music continues to play, a man wielding a rifle enters the screen and is seen taking them away.

Gregory M. Figaro, whose father, Greger Figaro, is the founder of the ministry, told the Miami Herald that eight to 10 gunmen arrived in two vehicles and kidnapped the pastor and three others, including a pianist.

“We are shocked and concerned for our church members, but we must strengthen our faith in God, even in these very uncertain times in our country,” Pierre Caporal, president of the Adventist Church in Haiti, was quoted by Adventist Review as saying.

“This hits very close to our hearts,” Elie Henry, president of the Inter-American Division (IAD), told Adventist Review. Henry and his daughter were released safely after four days of captivity in Haiti in December 2020. “We feel for our brothers and sisters in Haiti and know that this very concerning incident will not shake our faith. God is our deliverer, the One who listens, and understands, so we must pray fervently for His intervention on behalf of our members.”

Haiti has been rocked by rising violence in recent years, especially by runaway kidnapping-for-ransom incidents which have paralyzed the economy and Haitian society.

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