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2 min readMagnum Box, a platform for entertainers to engage their audiences

With COVID restrictions still in place in many countries, the need for digital innovation has heightened.

The pandemic hasn’t eliminated the human need for social interaction, so popular Jamaican entrepreneur Romeich Major has joined forces with Magnum Tonic Wine to create a platform that gives entertainers the opportunity to engage their audiences.

The Magnum Box is a weekly online entertainment series where viewers will have the opportunity to win Magnum gift baskets and cash prizes.

“Social media provides an outlet for entertainers and their followers to interact with each other, despite not being able to do so in the outside world. Through social media, I can also do giveaways to the people who really need it, as many persons are either learning less or out of a job in the entertainment sector,” Major explained.

According to event organisers, the weekly show will feature two resident disc jockeys DJ Scrappy and Deva Kidd. It also welcomes guest selectors and hosts such as Bishop Escobar, Shukkle Bus, Brush One, DJ Chaddy, Game Changaz, Hotta Rice, Ruxie, Antsman, DJ Dell, Two Food and Team Wire.

Kamal Powell, J. Wray & Nephew Limited’s Marketing Manager for the Magnum brand in the Caribbean said “Magnum Tonic Wine is happy to be aligned with another novel activation that brings value to our beloved entertainment landscape in the region. There is an unmistakable synergy between Magnum Tonic Wine and Romeich Entertainment, and we expect Magnum Box to continue to do extremely well in not only numbers but for those who tune in and benefit from the giveaways provided.”

The online community will meet every Thursday to Saturday, between the hours of 6pm and 10pm.

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